SGA elects remaining five executive board positions

Resignations and shakeups have plagued the Student Government Association (SGA) executive board for the past three summers, and this year a resignation is virtually guaranteed.

Controversy arose during the election for vice president for financial affairs at SGA’s five-hour internal executive board elections. The day before the joint senate meeting Wednesday evening in the Curry Student Center Ballroom, Senator Rob Ranley was planning to run for the position, though his nomination was pending confirmation.

Chris Kelley, the current vice president for financial affairs, ran for re-election and said he will resign at the end of August, to give “senators who are currently working on their eligibility” a chance to run.

All senators must be in good financial, academic and judicial standing to run for an e-board position.

Ranley said there were a couple of reasons he decided not to run. The main reason was he said he felt “out of the loop” with the way the Budget Review Committee currently operates, but he feels he will be ready at the end of the summer.

Throughout the discussion, no specific names were mentioned as possible successors to Kelley. Former SGA president Bill Durkin criticized the Senate for dancing around the issue, and said, “the student body deserves to know.”

“I shudder at the thought of the student body looking at us like this,” Durkin said. “We’re being a bunch of politicians. Transparency and sincerity is what the student body expects.”

Kelley received the majority of the votes, with two write-in votes for Ranley.

Christopher Bourne, who lost the SGA presidential race, was nominated for vice president for financial affairs, but chose to run for vice president for student services. Bourne is the current assistant vice president for student services.

He ran against Kat Palermino, a middler music industry major, and Ryan Fox, a freshman electrical engineering major.

With a vote of 31 for Bourne, 21 for Fox, six for Palermino and one vote of no confidence, Bourne was elected to the position.

Bourne said his biggest initiative as vice president for student services will be to to create late-night dining options, an idea he first presented in his presidential platform.

Joey Fiore, who was elected SGA President despite his freshman standing in the Senate, will not be alone, as three more positions were filled by first-year senators.

Marines Piney, a sophomore political science and history major, beat freshman nursing major Sarah Muller in the race for vice president for student affairs.

Piney has worked with the Resident Student Association, the Latin American Student Organization and the Husky Energy Action Team.

“It’s been a year of education, personal growth and discovery. I am willing to take on any task,” Piney said in her opening speech.

Amanda Sabia, a freshman biology and political science major, ran unopposed for vice president for academic affairs. She is currently assistant vice president for academic affairs and is also on the Rules Committee.

Sabia said she wants to work on improving the international co-op and honors programs.

Ashley Benjamin, of the College of Business Administration, was elected vice president for administration and public relations. She beat freshman international affairs and French major Sebastian Asaro by one vote.

Benjamin has not served on the administration and public relations committee, while Asaro has.

All vice president positions, along with the president, will take office at the start of summer II.

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