Pizza order turns into alleged fight

By Derek Hawkins

A Roxbury District Court magistrate concluded there was sufficient evidence to arraign two employees from Cappy’s Pizza and Subs in a hearing Monday for allegedly attacking two college students, said both parties involved in the case.

Demetrios Pseudoikonomou, owner and manager of Cappy’s, and another employee will appear in court again June 1, where they will be arraigned for the alleged assault and battery of Allison Partridge, a Northeastern freshman political science and history major, and Brian Sawyer, a Westfield State College freshman.

According to the police report, Pseudoikonomou and at least one other employee assaulted Partridge and Sawyer outside the Cappy’s store at 82 Westland Ave. in the early hours of April 16 following a verbal dispute inside the restaurant.

Although Partridge, Sawyer and at least two witnesses insist that they were assaulted, Pseudoikonomou denies he or any of his employees attacked the students.

“I didn’t hurt anybody,” Pseudoikonomou said. “There’s no point for anybody here to fight these kids. People come in rowdy all the time and I just let them go.”

While the parties involved agreed there had been a verbal argument at about 2 a.m., they differ on specific details.

Partridge said the argument began after she received an “inedible” pizza that was soaked in hot sauce and that Cappy’s employees attempted to charge her $10 more than the $10 she had already paid for her meal.

Sawyer said he saw Partridge and Pseudoikonomou bickering and went to the counter to defend her.

The argument that followed lasted at least 10 minutes and ended with Sawyer throwing an empty pizza box onto the front counter and walking out of the store.

Pseudoikonomou challenged that account, saying that Sawyer, whom he called “obnoxiously drunk,” not only threw the pizza box at him, but made threatening gestures and tore a poster from the store’s wall. Sawyer, 19, said in an interview with The News, he had consumed about 10 beers that night.

Pseudoikonomou said at that point he “shoved [Sawyer] out the front door,” told the remaining customers to leave, locked the door behind them and began cleaning the store.

Meanwhile, the account from the students differs still. Sawyer said when he reached the sidewalk on Westland Avenue, at least three Cappy’s employees, including Pseudoikonomou, allegedly tackled and began beating him.

“All of a sudden I was on the ground and they were hitting me,” Sawyer said.

Partridge, who had also been drinking, and at least two other witnesses, including Northeastern freshman journalism major Carly Kraft, said they did not see Sawyer leave the store, but saw four Cappy’s employees rush out of the store and start beating him.

“It was like an explosion in the kitchen the way the men ran out,” Kraft said.

Partridge said she attempted to break up the fight, but according to the police report, was struck repeatedly by one of the men, causing minor injuries to her face, wrist and ribs. Sawyer went to Caritas Norwood Hospital later that day where hospital officials determined he had also suffered bruising to his face, arms and spine.

Pseudoikonomou maintains that no Cappy’s employees were involved in the fight and speculates that the students’ intoxication affected their perspective on the incident.

“I saw some kids scuffling after I locked up, but that stuff happens late at night,” he said. “After that, nothing. I think [Sawyer] was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Partridge, however, said she was confident that she and Sawyer remembered the event clearly.

“We had some drinks in the night, but I don’t think the amount we drank had an impact on what happened,” she said. “The only thing I can say is that I’m 110 percent positive that it was the men behind the counter.”

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