Body hair a turn-off at date auction

Body hair a turn-off at date auction

Body hair, boys who can’t bake and girls with big feet were among the list of flawed characteristics that were billed most unappealing at a date auction Friday night.

“The purpose is basically to create awareness around a taboo subject and to put together a week with student input,” said Chet Bowen, the Alcohol and Drug Education Coordinator at Northeastern.

The event was sponsored by Delta Zeta, Pi Kappa Alpha, and NU Athletics.

Bailey McAndrews, a sophomore undecided major and member of Delta Zeta, and Paul “Cookie” Tyman, a middler psychology major and member of Pi Kappa Alpha, served as the honorary hosts for the night.

“I’m really nervous, but I think it will go very well,” McAndrews said in the days leading up to the event.

Students started gathering at afterHOURS around 8 p.m. while members of Greek Life and athletics prepared to be auctioned off.

“I’m very nervous,” said Lauren Haas, a middler international business major and member of Delta Zeta who was among those auctioned off. “It was hard to step up, but it was worthwhile since the money goes to charity.”

McAndrews and Tyman began by announcing the participants from each sorority and fraternity. As they came to the stage, McAndrews read off a list of each individual’s turn-ons and turn-offs.

The list of turn-ons included thick accents, older men and goofiness.

Most students tried a variety of ways to get auctioned off for the highest bid, which included plenty of dancing, muscle-flexing and hip shaking.

The bids began at low prices, averaging around $7 per person before intermission. But the atmosphere was light and welcoming, despite the low bidding.

“It was fun, good times!” said Henry Sick, a freshman electrical and chemical engineering major.

After the intermission things began to heat up as bids rose to $100.

Ellen Lassiter, a senior history major, was auctioned off for more than $100, an amount she said was above her expectations.

“I was surprised! I expected about $5,” she said. “It’s good though, because it all goes for charity.”

Everyone who bid a high amount of money said charity was their primary reason.

“This is a fun event and it’s great that it all goes to charity,” said Vanessa Jean-Simon, a junior political science major, who bid the highest at $110 for Rob McDowell, a senior criminal justice major and president of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Michael Benson, a senior electrical engineering major, spent the highest individual amount of money bidding. He collected four dates at a cost of $292.

“I came knowing I would spend a lot [of money], because it is for a great cause,” he said. “I really commend everyone for putting this event on.”

McAndrews said the amount of money collected at the end of the night totalled around $800, and that she hoped this wouldn’t be her last time as a part of an event like this.

“It was great,” McAndrews said. “Cookie and I would love to host a date auction again next year.”

This marked the first time a date auction was included as part of Alcohol Awareness Week, an annual series of events that focuses on safe drinking practices for students. The event was held to raise money for Entre Familia, a Boston-based substance abuse clinic.

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