History repeated

History repeated

It’s like dej’aacute; vu all over again.

For the third time in four months, the Student Government Association (SGA) has elected another vice president who plans to resign at the end of the summer.

Christy Capriccio, a junior finance and accounting major, ran unopposed July 10 for the financial affairs position and said she plans to serve through the end of August.

All executive board openings are year-long positions, and announcing a scheduled resignation is unprecedented.

Once again, senator Rob Ranley, who has expressed interest in the position of vice president for financial affairs since April, did not run for the open slot, citing “personal reasons.”

Ranley, who in April accepted a nomination that was never confirmed, said in an interview with The News that he chose to not run originally because he felt “out of the loop” with the way the Budget Review Committee (BRC) operates.

This time, Ranley stood in front of the Senate and gave a lesson on the BRC and the responsibilities of the vice president for financial affairs.

“I’m kind of getting the feeling people don’t know how the BRC works,” Ranley said. “If one of your constituents asks you how to get money for a program, how many would be able to answer? I can count the number of people on my hand, and that’s not that promising.”

Ranley, who said he knows the Financial Affairs Committee “inside-out” and served as assistant vice president during the 2005-06 school year, said senators should be informed before electing the new vice president.

Ranley, a junior finance and accounting major, said he intends to run in the emergency fall elections.

“I’d love the opportunity to do it in the fall,” Ranley said.

Capriccio joined SGA her freshman year and joined the BRC during her sophomore year before resigning from the organization to take on the role of vice president for finance for the Resident Student Association (RSA).

Capriccio, despite lacking experience working with university administration on issues concerning financial aid, said she feels comfortable with it since she held a similar position with RSA and has done two co-ops, one at Ernst Young and the other Morgan Stanley.

Although she is leaving for a study abroad in the fall, Capriccio said she “deserves the chance to see what I can do for student government.”

“I want to experience the way another student group manages its finances,” Capriccio said.

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