MEISA, chapter of the year

MEISA, chapter of the year

It was like music to their ears.

A year-long commitment to planning, programming and otherwise entertaining the campus paid off when Northeastern’s chapter of theMusic and Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA) won the national award for Chapter of the Year.

“It was wonderful to know that we worked so hard and we programmed so well,” said Jessie Goldbas, former MEISA president. “We did all that we could to promote, to market, to do what we need to do to make MEISA a name on campus.”

Goldbas was among 33 MEISA members who attended the annual MEISA National Conference in Los Angeles at California Polytechnic University Ponoma’s campus. The conference, held March 23-24, drew about 40 MEISA chapters from across the country.

MEISA chapters around the country applied to be chosen for the award. The winner was chosen based on its programming and accomplishments.

The two-day conference featured workshops, performances and panelists by professors, musicians and music industry executives, like singer-songwriter Corrinne May, Berklee School of Music Dean Don Gorder and American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Executive Vice President Todd Brabec. The keynote speakers were educator and writer Angela Beeching and R’B singer-songwriter Siedah Garrett.

Northeastern’s MEISA president Clara Rice, a middler photography major, attended the conference and said it was great to win the Chapter of the Year award.

“I was really hoping we would win because I thought we deserved it. We had a ton of events,” she said. “And we went above and beyond by starting a magazine.”

Rice was one of the editors for MEISA’s Tastemaker’s, a music magazine featuring interviews and CD reviews and covering performances throughout the city. The first issue was published in October and has been followed by four additional issues, including one online-only issue.

Along with Tastemakers, MEISA has sponsored several panels, including one with Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer, and provided biweekly MEISA Live nights at afterHOURS. Last year’s MEISA Live performances included The Format, Duncan Sheik and As Tall As Lions.

Northeastern’s MEISA faculty advisor Ava Lawrence, a music industry professor, accompanied the students to the conference. She said MEISA’s Chapter of the Year award was a “validation that everything they’re doing is just great.”

“The kids are really excited about the fact that they accomplished so much,” she said. “It’s a jolt of excitement for everyone.”

Lawrence said the national conference was a great way for music industry students to meet other students from around the country, network and learn to collaborate and help each other. She also said it provided valuable opportunities for students to learn about careers in music industry and hear from industry executives.

Former MEISA Live coordinator Brian Vinikoor, a middler music industry major, interacted with many music industry students while at the national conference. He said he enjoyed hearing about different angles and event ideas that these students programmed.

“Everyone’s trying to get into the industry there. You’re going to be working together in 10 years, so why not just meet now?” he said. “Everyone there is the future generation of the music industry.”

Rice said the title has helped the chapter earn recognition.

“We can say, ‘I’m part of the best music industry club in the country,'” she said. “It’s a big deal and a really good thing to be able to say.”

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