Northeastern Crime Log

By Nick Mendez

Crime log entries are selected from Northeastern’s Division of Public Safety reports. Crime Log Entry of the Week Friday, June 29 8:30 a.m. A caller reported witnessing a man tampering with a car in the Camden parking lot. Officers responded and pursued the man, who quickly dropped several items and ran off. He was pursued over the footbridge into the Robinson Quad, where he threw several more items into the bushes. He was questioned and admitted to breaking into a car in the Camden Lot, as well as several houses in Cambridge. Officers searched the lot and discovered a car that had been broken into. The owner, a Northeastern staff member, reported several items including an iPod and a satellite radio were missing. All the stolen items were recovered at the scene. Officers arrested David Flores, 22, of Boston.

Tuesday, June 19 3 p.m. Northeastern bookstore staff called Northeastern Police Department (NUPD) officers to report two shoplifters. They were followed to Huntington Avenue where officers stopped them. The officers questioned and arrested Meggan Durant, 20, of Quincy and Michael Shamma, 27, of Dorchester on shoplifting and trespassing charges.

5:30 p.m. Elliot Davis, 52, who was arraigned last week on larceny charges, approached an NUPD undercover officer on the Krentzman Quad asking for cash under false pretenses. The officer immediately identified Davis, who was arrested for trespassing.

8 p.m. A 22-year-old male student reported leaving his bicycle unlocked in the Snell Library Quad. When he returned several hours later it was gone. He said he had left the bicycle without a seat in an effort to prevent theft.

Wednesday, June 20 2 p.m. Snell Library staff reported a 22-year-old male student using the computers in the lobby inappropriately.

6:30 p.m. An officer stopped a man carrying an open container of alcohol in an alley on Gainsborough Street. Officers identified Travers Peterson, 22, of Dorchester and arrested him on an existing motorvehicle charge.

Friday, June 22 2:30 a.m. NUPD was informed that the Boston Police Department (BPD) had responded to Gainsborough Street where a man had been attacked and struck with a brick by four other men.

Saturday, June 23 4 p.m. A female graduate student reported locking her bicycle in the Krentzman qQad and upon her return the bicycle was missing. Her lock remained secured to the railing.

Sunday, June 24 2:30 a.m. A passerby reported beer bottles being thrown from a window of Burstein Hall. A witness identified the window of the room and officers responded. After several unanswered requests to open the door, a Resident Assistant (RA) assisted NUPD in gaining entry. Inside, two 21-year-old male residents admitted to drinking but denied throwing anything out the window. They will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.

10:30 p.m. Officers responded to an alarm indicating tampering with video equipment in the Behrakis Health Sciences Center. When officers arrived, custodial staff remembered several youths fleeing the building. Equipment had been tampered with, but the alarm appeared to have scared off the suspects.

Tuesday, June 26 Noon An officer discovered a car in the Renaissance Garage with a broken window. The owner of the car, a 21-year-old student reported nothing was stolen from the car.

11 p.m. A female graduate student reported that while walking back to her apartment on Columbus Avenue, she was followed into the foyer by an unknown man. He asked her to open the inner door so he could visit someone inside. The student wasn’t familiar with either party, so she left the building and walked directly to NUPD headquarters. When officers responded, the man had left the premises.

Wednesday, June 27 2 a.m. An officer on patrol on Gainsborough Street saw a young man jump on top of a parked car and proceed to walk from car to car down the block. He was stopped and identified as David Woodman, 21, who claimed to be a student at Emmanuel College. Officers discovered considerable damage to three parked cars and arrested Woodman for malicious destruction.

Noon The manager at the Marino Center Wollaston’s called NUPD to report he had detained a shoplifter. Officers responded and discovered a 21-year-old alumnus who had shoplifted a $3 container of juice.

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