SGA upset by changes to Student Affairs Dept.

The announcement of restructuring in the Office of Student Affairs caused many in the Student Government Association (SGA) to speak up at their weekly Senate meeting last Thursday, saying student leaders felt left out of a process they believe will affect students directly.

With a unanimous vote, the SGA went into an executive session to discuss complaints about the lack of student involvement in the process behind closed doors.

The restructuring includes the creation of several dean positions within student affairs and a reorganization of the department’s operation.

Vice President for Student Affairs Ed Klotzbier met with SGA President Ashley Adams and SGA Vice President for Student Affairs John Guilfoil Feb. 14 – the day of the announcement – to brief them on the situation, Guilfoil said. But prior to that meeting, SGA was unaware of any possible changes in the office, he said.

Klotzbier said he was unable to discuss the restructuring beforehand because it involved personnel matters.

“As a manager, the last thing I can do is talk with other people about promotions,” Klotzbier said. “I needed to be sure our people knew what this meant. Each staff person needs to totally understand what is going to happen to their jobs.”

He said the release of information was done methodically.

“This should not be a surprise to anyone,” Klotzbier said. He said he mentioned the restructuring during the fall semester and at a leadership class where SGA members were present.

Guilfoil expressed concern about the timing of the announcement.

“I’m concerned that this was rushed and that is why SGA was not involved,” he said.

Guilfoil said he feels student involvement is important when such changes take place in the administration. In response to the changes, Guilfoil and Billy Haddad, SGA vice president for financial affairs, met Monday with Philomena Mantella, senior vice president of enrollment management and student affairs, to further discuss SGA’s concerns.

SGA’s main concerns, Guilfoil said, were the reason the group was not informed of the development of new positions ahead of time, and why there were no search committees for the new positions. The new positions created include a Dean of Campus Life, Maria Iannalfo, and an Associate Dean and Director of Residence Life, Bob Jos

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