Single no more

Single no more

Jessica Basil decided on an unconventional approach to win the heart of freshman Phil Annacone.

“I can deep throat a banana,” said Basil, a freshman international business major.

Proving she wasn’t all talk, she followed through by proudly shoving the banana into her open mouth. Even though the gimmick did not work in the end and seal her win, Basil said it was still a worthwhile experience.

“I just wanted to do something fun and get a laugh out of it,” she said.

“Singled Out,” Northeastern’s spin on the MTV dating game show, kicked off the week’s Springfest event lineup in the Curry Student Center Ballroom on Sunday. Randy Barry, from MTV’s “The Real World: San Diego,” hosted the event and his celebrity attracted some students, like Basil, to the show.

“Randy’s really hot, that’s why I came,” she said.

Throughout the evening, students competed for dates in three rounds. Round 1 consisted of contestants choosing which physical characteristics they liked best in the opposite sex.

Annacone was faced with the tough choice of having to decide betweeen a brunnette and a blonde or a skinny girl over one who was “pleasantly plump.”

“It was alright; I signed up as a joke,” he said. “I doubt I’ll ever speak to the girl again.”

In Round 2, contestants showed off their hidden talents by doing everything from reenacting a wet t-shirt contest to juggling water bottles.

Freshman computer engineering major Travis Weisberger was eliminated after he tried to impress the possible dates with his karate moves.

“I have tough luck with girls,” he said.

The final round consisted of a Q’A where contestants got to decide ideal first-date locales and who they would want to be stranded on a deserted island with.

Students turned out for the event for a variety of reasons. Some were searching for a love connection, while others just wanted to have a good time.

“It was really fun and good to do,” said Mallory Hannon, a middler nursing major and contestant on show. “I love meeting new people.”

Lisa Kaplan, a freshman business major and member of CUP handled promotions for the event and said she was pleased with its success.

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