Women’s Basketball: Dual talents for Feldman

By Nate Owen, News Staff

On the court, senior guard Ashlee Feldman draws the attention of defenders with her sharp-shooting prowess. Off it, the co-captain and communications major draws the attention of her radio audience with her sharp analysis of men’s basketball games for WRBB, Northeastern’s radio station.
Feldman started doing color commentary during four games last season and has continued this season.
‘ ‘I’ve always wanted to do broadcasting,’ she said. ‘I was watching a Duke game in my room and they were talking about how Abby Waner [one of the Duke players], did some broadcasting.’
‘ Feldman said she mentioned the idea to Chris Marshall, who is currently the marketing and promotions coordinator in the Athletics Department.
‘ ‘I did a trial run [on air], people loved me, they liked what I had to say,’ Feldman said.
Her ability to see the lighter side of things made her transition on the air an easy one.
‘ ‘[Broadcasting] fits her personality perfectly,’ said women’s basketball head coach Daynia La-Force Mann. ‘She’s very lively, very entertaining, she always sees the lighter side of things.’
‘ Feldman said she didn’t have to fill out any paperwork for the usually-strict NCAA prior to her first broadcast. Once she was on the air, she got her jitters out of the way early.
‘ ‘I kept telling myself don’t be nervous, you know what you’re talking about. I got my jitters out during the pregame show,’ she said.
‘ When offering analysis on a play, Feldman said she’ tells her listeners’ what she would have done.
‘ ‘If someone makes a mistake, I try and talk about what I would have done,’ Feldman said.
Despite being close with many of the players on the men’s basketball team, Feldman said she had no problem pointing out when someone made a mistake.
‘ ‘I can’t help but thinking about [criticizing] the players. If I do, I try and tell them afterwards so they don’t hear it from someone else,’ she said. ‘But most of’ the time, its something that they’d notice when they go back and watch the game tape.’
‘ Feldman said she has received positive feedback from many of player’s parents who listen.
‘ ‘[Matt] Janning’s parents love to hear what I have to say. The parents have never had anything bad to say about my commentary, they know that I know the game, too,’ she said.
Feldman said she’s been on WRBB’s Dogpound Sports Sound a few times as well.
‘Coach Mann listened to me on the Dogpound and joked I should have my own show,’ she said.
‘ Because of her own game schedule, Feldman will only be in the booth for eight games this season, but said she hopes to expand on that next season and gain exposure needed to eventually find a job in broadcasting after graduation.
‘ ‘My dream job would be on ESPN, either on radio or TV. I really like commentating,’ she said. ‘I know the game and I feel sure as to what I’m saying.’
As for calling any Husky women’s basketball games?
‘ ‘That would be great,’ La-Force Mann said. ‘It would probably be very interesting to hear what she had to say about me.’

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