All Hail: Rich and famous? Keep Your Day Job The long version of the story includes a surprise e-mail, a three-hour wait on a broken train, an overnight bus trip, a four-hour drive in a stranger’s minivan, a ferry and a luggage-watching service run by a dependable rabbi. The details aren’t important. All that matters is that I made it to my interview at Men’s Vogue last summer. And somehow, despite not having any experience with photography, I was hired as an intern in the photo department. follow url If it sounds like I went to great lengths to get there ‘- I did. But I got the job the normal way:’ I sent in my resume, interviewed for the position and got hired. This, I would assume, is the normal sequence of events for most prospective interns. Unless you’re famous. Because if you haven’t noticed, fame has a funny way of changing the rules. الخيارات الثنائية نيويورك Take Kanye West. Now, don’t get me wrong ‘- despite his affinity for … um … himself, Kanye blows my mind. But why should he be allowed to waltz into Louis Vuitton headquarters and just ask for an internship, like he did in January? I realize it didn’t happen quite like this, but let’s be serious:’ He didn’t have to send his resume to Marc Jacobs (Louis Vuitton’s creative director) to get the job. And maybe I wouldn’t have a problem with his working at Louis Vuitton if he was actually performing lowly intern duties. (Insert mental picture of the shoes he designed for the Louis Vuitton men’s show here.) But he’s been touting his status as the ‘Louis Vuitton Don’ for years, and he is a fashionable gent, so I guess his foray into fashion was inevitable. At least it’s not as much of a headscratcher as Elle Magazine’s new hire, Stew Bradley. الراجحي بيع اسهم Bradley is a linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles and just attended some Diane von Furstenberg-Elle luncheon that I doubt the other interns were invited to. But listen. I think it’s great when people explore their interests. And I commend Bradley for interning at a fashion magazine just because he wants to, though I’m sure he’s catching flack from more than a few bros in the world of sports. But then so did hockey player Sean Avery when he interned at Vogue. And he seemed impervious to criticism. In fact, he got along rather well. get link At some point during his time at Vogue, he switched to Interestingly, I was also in the Men’s Vogue office when he worked there. And while I can’t say I really even noticed his presence ‘- I was too busy ‘- I do recall witnessing his photo shoot. اريد شراء اسهم باسعار قليله Now, don’t be mistaken ‘- he wasn’t helping direct the shoot, he was the subject. So while I was quietly doing photo research, Avery was flexing on a large worktable. If you dig around, you should still be able to view the photos. I guess, in retrospect, Avery’s internship did nothing to detract from my own experience. In fact, seeing his photo shoot was kind of the most exciting thing that happened to me while I was there.
And Kanye’s internship with Mr. Jacobs makes my head spin.
But something tells me this high-profile intern thing isn’t ending with Bradley and I intend to apply for an internship at some other great magazine in the future. I just better not get beat out by someone like Daniel Radcliffe, or some other perfectly successful celebrity. Because that’s not cool.

الخيارات الثنائية عطلة نهاية الأسبوع ‘- Eric Allen is a sophomore journalism major
and member of The News staff.

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