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source link Kelly Clarkson, All I Ever Wanted:’ March 10 go here So everyone goes through a tough breakup that shakes their life. Kelly Clarkson experiences something like that, hence her last full-length release, My December. Hardly anyone splurged for the follow-up, Breakaway, which was a shame:’ As far as breakup albums, it had some good material. But now she’s back to the bubbly Clarkson we love with an infectious single, ‘My Life Would Suck Without You,’ and critics are raving about the upcoming album All I Ever Wanted. Look for more chick rock and fist pumping anthems about female independence that secure men can dance to as well. Watchmen: March 6 go here Zack Snyder made a little movie two years ago called ‘300.’ Every man in the room, please cheer because that was a ‘man-movie.’ Now Snyder is back, adapting what has long been called the ‘unfilmable comic book,’ Watchmen. But it’s so much more than a comic or graphic novel; it’s a work of art. TIME Magazine called it one of the 100 Best English novels ‘- and many other news organizations have lavished praise upon it. The film presents ‘realistic’ superheros living in a dystopian alternate past, struggling with their lives and an unseen force that is assaulting them. Admit it:’ You’ve seen the trailer, and you want to see this movie. You and every other fanboy in America.

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go to site U2, No Line on the Horizon:’ March 3 The first single, ‘Get on Your Boots,’ sucked. I’m a little nervous, but then, it’s U2, often called the greatest rock band in the world. (Though Coldplay might be making a play for that title.) I’ll give the Irish crooners a little slack and buy this album. Critics have been yawning at No Line on the Horizon mostly, and word of mouth is negative, but Rolling Stone magazine gave it a rare five-star review in their latest issue, so surely something is good about it. Horizon is the first U2 album since November 2004, and they’ve generally got something for everyone. So despite the early tracks and the naysayers, this should be worth a look.

تاريخ الفوركس The final Battlestar Galactica episodes:’ Every Friday through March 20
Viewers are halfway through the final season of ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ and it’s amazing. But even more amazing is looking ahead to the series finale, which airs Friday, March 20 at 9 p.m. Everyone is on the ‘Lost’ bandwagon, a show that has many similar characteristics to ‘BSG.’ But while ‘Lost’ keeps throwing the mysteries at the audience, it’s refreshing to see a show on its last leg, finally solving mysteries that have been bugging us for five years. And the reveals thus far have been completely worth it – giving hope to how ‘Lost’ might go out when it ends next May.

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