Football: Hager makes staff changes

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اسعار سوق الذهب After a 2-10 (1-7 Colonial Athletic Association) season, head football coach Rocky Hager has made several changes to his staff. موقع للتداول بالذهب Brian Surace, who coached the offensive line last season, will take over the offensive coordinator assignment. Last year’s coordinator, Eddie Davis, will handle special teams, while last year’s defensive coordinator, Wally Dembowski, will not return in 2009. Also, recruiting coordinator Chris Ostrowsky will handle Davis’ quarterback coaching assignment, Hager said.’ ‘ هو ثنائي تداول الخيارات حقيقية ‘We have adjusted some things and we have a plan to put together some things that would be good for us as far as an adjustment in design,’ he’ said. إشارات ثنائية الخيار The Huskies finished tenth out of 12 CAA teams in scoring offense, averaging 19 points a game. ‘Last year we had moments of good productivity on offense and that started to subside as things progressed through the year,’ Hager said. ‘I’m not going to make excuses, but there were some circumstances that were a part of that. I feel like we need to give’ ourselves a shot of adrenaline and I think this will be a good adrenal shot.’ Surace first came to Northeastern in 2004 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he served as offensive coordinator. ‘ Hager said Surace will bring a new system to the Huskies, one that incorporates a significant amount of shotgun snaps and is primarily a one back system, although it will utilize some two back formations and under center snaps. منصة تداول الخيارات الثنائية ‘ ‘We’ll have a faster pace in which we will be doing things,’ Hager said. ‘Much of it will be predicated on a no-huddle concept and there’s a good deal of excitement in making that adjustment.’ enter site Surace said his system is designed’ to dictate the tempo of the game and spread players out. ‘ ‘[We’re] going to try and get the best players on the field and get them the ball as much as possible, hopefully in space,’ he said. ‘The offense does a couple of things. You can dictate the tempo with the play clock. The offense will allow you to dictate that tempo as to when you want to snap the ball. Basically, you’re at the line of scrimmage for the entire 40 seconds.’ أفضل عشرة بالخيارات الثنائية ‘ Davis, who has run the offense since arriving at Northeastern in 2004, will take over special teams and look to bring some consistency to the unit. ‘There have been flashes of brilliance on special teams, but there’s also been flashes of error-riddled execution,’ Hager said. ‘We spend a good deal of time on special teams but we need to improve the consistency.’
‘ The Huskies also ranked 10th out of 12 CAA teams in terms of points allowed, giving up 29.1 per game.
‘ ‘It was a situation where we felt that we needed to make a philosophical change and we have chosen to take that direction,’ Hager said of Dembowski being let go.
Hager said the job was posted last Thursday and he has begun sorting through candidates.
‘We’re in the process of culling through the resumes [sent in]. We’re looking for someone who has previous coordinating experience,’ he said.
Hager said Davis will also serve in some capacity on the defensive side of the ball.
Despite several coaches changing positions internally, Hager does not expect any tension among them.’ ‘
‘They’ve been very professional. I’m quite encouraged by it,’ he said. ‘Sometimes you go through the process and you do it because there’s a need for some adjustment and a need for some newness in what you’re doing. There’s also a chance that it may or may not work out. I think that for the most part those things have worked out reasonably well.’
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