Football: Senior told to retire كيفيه التداول في سوق الاسهم السعوديه By Nate Owen, News Staff Senior tight end Brian Mandeville was advised to retire by doctors after a routine exam at the NFL combine found something wrong with his heart. روبوت الفوركس Upon further examination, combine doctors believe it may be an issue with one of his heart valves, according to ما معنى تم تداوله بمحفظتة الأسهم His agent, Ryan Tollner of Rep 1 Sports Group, told that the issue was not considered life threatening, but said it was unlikely the 22-year old would play in the NFL. الخيارات الثنائية التدريب المجاني ‘Brian will fly back to California and be examined by heart specialists to completely diagnose the issue,’ Tollner said. ‘Obviously his well being is priority No. 1 at this time.’ الخيارات الثنائية التابعة لها Tollner added that no one was aware of Mandeville’s condition until the combine doctors discovered it. Mandeville finished his Northeastern career with 63 catches for 863 yards and seven touchdowns. He was twice named to the All-CAA second team and also the All-New England team twice as well. He was projected to be a mid-round pick in April’s draft by NFL scouts. Northeastern head coach Rocky Hager praised Mandeville’s character both on and off the field in an interview with The News several weeks ago. اسهم الشركات السعودية ‘Brian Mandeville’s best asset is that he is a really fine person,’ Hager said. ‘Brian’s got the character that he’ll be there when times are rough.’

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