3/26 Calendar


Saturday, March 28

Live music will always be a special treat, so it’s good to make a habit of seeing it as much as possible. Check out classical musician Steven Jackson at fashion retailer Guilded Boston Saturday, March 28 ‘- he’ll meet with patrons after he plays easy tunes on his clarinet. Expect lots of good sounds and generally happy partygoers, like the ones in the picture to the left, who enjoyed a previous party at Guilded. An evening of music and mingling? Yes, please. 213 Newbury St. Suite 2F; 8 p.m.; $10; RSVP to amy@guildedboston.com.

Thursday, March 26

Works by local creative types can often be more exciting than their foreign counterparts, if only for their accessibility. Take Guster, for instance. True, the band tours all around, but it just feels a little more special when they play for a Boston crowd. Expect the same kind of feeling at Brendan Halpin’s book reading at Brookline Booksmith. The former Brookline High School English teacher will discuss his new novel, ‘I Can See Clearly Now.’ 279 Harvard St. in Brookline; 7 p.m.; free; 617-566-6660.

Friday, March 27

March is National Women’s History Month, so take some time to celebrate the lovely females in your life … and some you don’t even know! Head to SWAN Day Performing Arts Festival to experience performance art, poetry, film, theatre, music and dance, all done by artistic women. SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day is in its second year as an international holiday and seeks to open a dialogue about female artists’ past, present and future. Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center at 41 2nd St.; 7 p.m.; $16-$20; 617-577-1400.

Saturday, March 28

Some people say they aren’t morning people, and they don’t hesitate to list the reasons why that time of day just sucks. But for the sake of optimism and morning lovers everywhere, here are some things that are great about the morning:’ the soft natural light, the sense of possibility and, oh yeah, breakfast. There’s nothing better than waking up to pancakes and bacon. Get it all at Brookline High School’s 15th Annual Pancake Breakfast. 115 Greenough St. in the cafeteria; 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.; $5; 617-713-5005.

Sunday, March 29

Watching the prodigious elementary school kids on the National Spelling Bee is a surreal experience, and not in the good way. The kids know way too much about vocabulary and the competition evokes feelings of stupidity, hilarity and sadness. Don’t expect those same feelings in everyone watching at NPR’s live taping of From the Top, a showcase of America’s best young classical musicians. Jordan Hall in The New England Conservatory of Music at 30 Gainsborough St.; 7 p.m.; $12.50-$20; 617-585-1260.

Monday, March 30

If Shepard Fairey’s arrest right before his party at the Institute of Contemporary Art left you feeling like the world is an unfair place, cheer up. Fairey’s artwork is still on display, after all. And … his wasn’t the only art gathering in Boston. Sandy Phillips, photographic historian extraordinaire, is giving a lecture at MassArt. She’s an accomplished journalist and has been around the world, teaching photography and curating photo exhibits. Room 406 in the Kennedy Building at 621 Huntington Ave.; 7 p.m.; free; matthew.connors@massart.edu.

Tuesday, March 31

It’s difficult to think of something that’s not a million times better when it’s free. Not having to pay is such a special treat, and it’s oh-so-rare in this expensive world. But every so often, a free gift comes along. This time, it’s a free 30-minute screening of NOVA’s (think PBS) Doctors’ Diaries, followed by free refreshments and a free discussion. That’s right:’ science, talking and food, all free. Find it all at the Museum of Science at 1 Science Park; 6:30 p.m.; register at www.mos.org; 617-723-2500.

Wednesday, April 1

Peer pressure can lead to some really poor decisions. But peer support? That’s different. Support your artistic peers by going to the Art + Design Faux Arts Ball Student Exhibit. The event will feature work from some of Northeastern’s best students, and will be followed by a student/faculty dinner in the Curry Student Center Ballroom. Sign up for the dinner is required, but it only costs $10 in check form. Visit the department’s website for details. Gallery 360; 4 p.m.; free art show; j.ulman@neu.edu.

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