Letter to the Editor: Soleyn: Focused on working for the students

A student government is meant to serve as an advocacy body for the students it represents. In order to adequately do that, student government must be a true representative of the student voice and student point-of-view. Should the student body elect Ryan Fox to the presidency, that will not be the case. The Student Government Association (SGA) will be the voice of Fox and his agenda, not the student body’s agenda.
A great deal of concern has come up as I continue to seek the position of SGA president following the March 18 Resident Student Association (RSA) elections. A lot of this concern is coming from people who are working for my opponent, as they look to take the focus away from the issues affecting the university and from the numerous reasons why Fox is bad for Northeastern. Their objective is to focus on me and a lack of planning. In doing so, they have proceeded to demean the process of direct elections, and have insulted the student body they are supposed to represent by believing that students are foolish enough to fall for such political shenanigans. Further, they have proceeded to make a mockery of SGA and, along with members of the media looking for a story, drew RSA into the matter, which has been a negative diversion of RSA’s time away from advocating and programming for the resident students.
For me, politics have always come second to the advocacy. I would rather spend my time helping with an RSA program, working on improving our dining halls or helping students find what office to go to when they have an issue, rather than promoting myself around campus. I agree with Fox in saying that my campaign has not been that visible. We have not chalked campus, hung flyers or campaigned through the residence halls. It is because I have been focused on working for the student body, not working for myself. Further, each weekend of the campaign period, I have remained dedicated to my current and future role in RSA as vice president for housing services and left Boston to help with a trip to Maine, attend a North East Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls conference and take part in an RSA leadership conference.
The concept of direct elections is to let the student body have a choice. If a student believes I am a better choice than Fox, and that I would be best to serve as their president, then I ask them to cast a vote for me. I will do what the student body wants me to do, and if students want me to be their president, then I will serve as their president. If a student sees me unfit for the position, then I encourage them to cast a vote of no confidence and ensure that Fox is not allowed to turn SGA into an organization focused on his agenda and that of special interests.

‘- Matthew Soleyn is an
SGA presidential candidate.

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