The Green Man speaks

الخيارات الثنائية إشارات مربع By By Hana Nobel, News Correspondent

go to link Heads turn when Jym Hamer walks into the Marino Center.
Shouts of ‘What?!’ and ‘The Green Man!’ are heard as he enters the room in his trademark green spandex full body suit.
‘You made my day, man. You made my day,’ a student says, shaking his hand during an interview with The News.
He is used to being watched, he says.’ As ‘The Green Man,’ he often receives this kind of attention.
Hamer, 23, graduated from Northeastern in 2008 but continues to be employed by the university as a supervisor at the Residential Safety Office. The Mission Hill resident also holds an unpaid position at the university:’ He gives up his weekends to run around Matthews Arena during hockey games in his signature outfit to excite fans and share his love for the game. Q: You dress up in this green suit and run around at games. Why?
A: I love hockey and if I can get fans more excited and louder, I will. I feel I’m doing my part to support the team. I have fun with it.

توصيات الاسهم السعودية جي شركة بفوركس Q: Why green? What was the inspiration for the outfit?
A: One of my favorite shows is ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’ One of the characters in the show puts [the outfit] on when he’s wasted.’ I thought it was cool. متى يرجع فائض اسهم البنك الاهلي

watch Q: Where do you get a green, full-body suit?
A: ‘- it’s a three-man operation. I ordered it a month before Halloween and I got it on Halloween or the day before. I heard someone else wore it to the [Boston College vs. Boston University hockey] game and the Temple [University] football game. I’m not the only idiot.

البنك الراجحي للاسهم Q: Can you see with it on?
A: During hockey games I usually take if off to see the game. People’s biggest question is, ‘Can you see?’ I can see well enough. [When I run around] I have to put my hand down to feel the steps. Q: Do you attend every game, home and away?
A: I try to do all home games. I had to miss two games because I had season tickets to the Boston Blazers lacrosse team but they are the only two conflicts. Q: What are most people’s reactions to the outfit?
A:’ Most people at the games don’t know what it’s for. They say, ‘Okay, fine, it’s funny.’ On the way here a guy yelled, ‘Go Green Man!’ Excitement and confusion is the best way to describe it. Q: Is it hard to slide into?’ How about using the bathroom?
A: The zipper goes [from] the lower back to the head. It’s all one piece, but it’s not too difficult. It is awkward to use the urinal because you have to strip down. It takes about five minutes.

go Q: What are the reactions from the Doghouse?
A: Minutes after putting on my Facebook pictures and posting on the site I had friend requests. I won the costume contest on Halloween and ran around with them during the timeout to the ‘Benny Hill’ song and I started joining in with them, and every game since Halloween I’ve been wearing this.’ Every time there’s a game I get the e-mail.’ One time the theme of the game was ‘We Want Blood’ against [the University of New Hampshire].’ They wanted everyone to wear red.’ I asked if it was okay to wear green.’ They said from now on [I] can only wear green.

läkarsekreterare jobba hemma Q: Do people know who they are when they meet you in your normal clothes?
A: I work as one of the [Residential Safety Office] supervisors at Speare Hall. When I’m proctoring I’ve had people stare at me and say, ‘Oh you’re the Green Man.’ So once in awhile. It freaks me out.

الفائزين الخيارات الثنائية Q: Now that you’ve graduated, are you going to hang up the suit? Will you pass it on the future students?
A: It depends how fat I get. If I fit, I’ll keep doing it. I’ll keep it for other random things to do with it. I’m the biggest collector of random [things] there is. Like, for Halloween, my friend didn’t have a costume so he came to me. I was just handing him stuff from my closet.

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