Column: Sun’s coming out, so are midriffs The Long of It ‘Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right.’ While I agree with this Beatles song, unfortunately the clothing choices brought along with the sun coming out are not always all right. Spring is here in full force and while that means the sun may be shining a bit more, it is only warming up. The post-winter season is, in fact, the sun’s spring training. It is only gearing up for its official season:’ summer. Therefore, people should only be preparing for summer ‘- not pretending that any day it gets above 50 degrees is a beautiful beach-worthy day. اريد شراء ذهب للاستثمار It seems anytime recently that the sun was out, the Northeastern campus wasn’t a wind tunnel and you could get by without a scarf or gloves, girls were lying out in their bikinis and boys were playing sports with their shirts off. While I understand and share the excitement for the coming of warm weather, I also believe in making appropriate clothing choices. And with the temperature high of Boston reaching only 60 degrees in March, according to, bikinis and a lack of shirts hardly seem fitting. كيفية حساب الذهب عند الشراء I admit I may indulge in the warmer temperature by packing away my bulky winter coat and breaking out a cute blazer or lightweight trench, but I don’t go from showing 5 percent of my body to showing off 95 percent of my body. افضل طريقه للتعامل مع الفوركس So if you find yourself lying out on the quad in a bathing suit taking in some rays, look around you. If the people walking by aren’t wearing t-shirts, sandals or shorts, you should consider keeping your warm-weather excitement, and your body, under wraps for a little bit longer. Oddly enough, this lack-of-clothing complex isn’t tied directly to the sun. Even when the sun goes down, bodies still seem to be bare.
On the days that reached 60 degrees in the past month, the temperature almost always dropped to or below the 50s. The dropping nighttime temperatures, however, didn’t seem to stop people, usually girls, from dropping layers or material from their outfits.
I understand many girls are willing to sacrifice for beauty and boys and run around in skirts or without coats prematurely, but I argue that these decisions are too hastily made.
If your sacrifice of layers is for fashion, just remember that in a couple of months you really won’t need that extra material. Don’t you want to get all the use out of your cute sweaters, jackets and pants that you can?
If your sacrifice of clothing is for boys, just don’t do it. Keep your sexy going-out attire hidden with a long warm coat so you can stay toasty ‘- and he has to wait to see what you look like.


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Keep your summer excitement and your body under wraps until the temperature breaks into the 70s.

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