Letter to the Editor: Fox encourages opinions with giveNUavoice

Thank you. I am honored and excited that you have chosen me as the next Student Government Association (SGA) president of Northeastern University. I want to start off by thanking every student that took the time to learn about the issues the campus faces and cast a vote in the election. Registering almost 10,000 page views and thousands of visitors from 18 countries and 28 states on my campaign site, I was able to connect with students throughout the world. But that outreach doesn’t stop now that the election is over. This is not the end of the process, just the beginning of a new focus on campus:’ giveNUaVoice.
I want to thank the members of my campaign team who have helped me over the past three months prepare for this election, as well as the countless students who have helped me over the past few weeks to convey my vision to the student body. Without all of you, this could not have been possible.
Through this election, I have learned firsthand how hard it is to truly reach out to the more than 15,000 undergraduate students at Northeastern. During the campaign, I spoke about your connection to campus and accessibility of your SGA, and I can assure you that changes to that end will be made. The barrier between students and SGA must, and will, be removed.
When my term begins in July, you will begin seeing documentable changes on this campus to improve the accessibility of advising and SGA; the environmental and financial sustainability; the students’ connection to campus life and to Boston; the accountability of professors and the administration; and the access to involvement and programming of student organizations.
To properly address these issues, however, I need your help. SGA needs to know what problems you are having. I will work to open up the discussions on these issues that have plagued our campus for far too long, and I hope that you will join the conversation. I want you to continue to finish the sentence that so many students have had over the past month:’ ‘I love Northeastern, but’hellip;’, and tell the members of SGA what we can do for you.
I want you to hold SGA accountable. Over the next few weeks, I will be developing a website where you can track the progress we’re making on the five key pillars of my vision. I want to hear your feedback and ideas. I want to bring in students who wish to help and, most of all, I want you to know that SGA is here to serve you. At this point next year, I want every student to be able to identify one thing that SGA has done to positively impact his or her experience at Northeastern.
Charles Kettering, an American inventor, said that ‘a problem well defined is a problem half-solved.’ We have defined the major issues, and now we must work toward solving them.
Once again, thank you fellow Huskies, and best of luck on your exams and in your co-op positions as we finish the semester.

‘- Ryan Fox is the Student Government Association

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