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شركة فوركس يارد Indie dance rock band The Blue Pages released their debut album Bear Fight Jan. 20 with the small record label Walking City Records. The four-piece group from Berklee College of Music tours the Northeast frequently. A reporter met up with the group in Allston, where they dished about the 10 things they think are cool.

go to link التداول الاهلي السعودي اسهم 1. Ghosts
In New Jersey, the band went on a ghost hunt on a haunted road where people have reportedly spotted the ghost of a girl who was killed there. Guitarist James Adam Shelley said they drove up and down the road several times with no luck seeing ghosts.

افضل الاسهم للمتاجره 2. Rock climbing
Bassist Dave Rublin said the band eats poorly when on the road, so they look for places to get exercise.

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see url 3. Hiking
This is another one of the band’s favorite ways to get exercise on the road.


فتح سوق الاسهم السعودي 4. Clydesdale horses
Adam Shelley said he grew up on a farm with Clydesdales, a rare breed of horse. They inspired the name for a rap project Barnett is working on with Rublin, they call themselves ‘Klydesdale.’ 5. Timex watches
Lead singer Zac Barnett and drummer Matt Sanchez said they purchased Timex Indiglo watches for $20 each.

enter 6. Swimming in the Charles River
The guys claim its perfectly safe as long as it hasn’t rained in the previous 10 days.

ثنائي الخيار اعتراضية 7. Mom tattoos
Barnett recently had a big heart for his mom inked on his bicep. 8. Free health care
Adam Shelley said he just signed up. The whole band said they agree free health care is great. 9. Chipotle burritos
The Blue Pages love Mexican food. Rublin said Chipotle is their favorite spot. 10. Credit cards
The band members laughed as they claimed to love credit cards, which they also referred to as free money. ‘- Anna Marden, News staff