Summer activities are heating up

By By Danny Deza, News Staff

The sun is out and summer is quickly approaching.
Despite the temperamental weather, sometimes exercise activities are being offered in an outdoor settings throughout the Boston and Cambridge areas.
According to an ongoing poll on, a fitness website, 60 percent of participants said they would rather exercise outside rather than in a gym.
‘ ‘As the weather gets better, more people want to be outside. It’s only natural here in New England,’ said Claudia deHaven Biddle, 44, a yoga therapist and owner of SnowLion Yoga in Boston. ‘It affects your mood and the sun has so much healing power.’
‘ Biddle also said being outdoors during her yoga classes helps teach her students focus because there are more potential distractions, making outdoor yoga a bit more challenging than indoor. But she said she has found natural sunlight has made her workouts more enjoyable compared to indoor.
Biddle isn’t the only one who likes to take her moves outdoors, and whether students enjoy exercising outside on the Boston Common, running along the Charles River or taking yoga classes in the great outdoors, there are plenty of programs available for students in the greater Boston area. Check out some of these options to get yourself off the couch and into the fresh air.

Outdoor bootcamp:
‘Drop down and give me 20!’ an intimidating line for some folks, but for Justin Budovsky, he said it’s all a part the business.
Budovsky is the founder and owner of a Newbury Street gym’ called One on One Fitness,’ where he specializes in boot camp programs and personal training. He has clients throughout the city and trains people in the suburbs, but said that when the warmer weather comes around, business starts to take a detour.
‘ ‘It is a slower time for me and with the weather being nicer you have to do more things outside to accommodate customers,’ he said.
As the summer season approaches, Budovsky starts to feature outdoor boot camp training to help increase business and to give people more motivation with the good weather.
‘I feel like a lot of people don’t like being cramped inside when it is nice out,’ he said. ‘I try to do things outside and it keeps them motivated to have a stronger work out.’
Budovsky starts offering outdoor classes as early as the end of April, and as things start to heat up more openings are available through out the summer.
‘I really like to take people to the Boston Commons, you have nice scenery’ and you are in the middle of Boston so it can get pretty exciting,’ he said.
For more information on One on One Fitness’ boot camp sessions visit or call 617-413-0216

Outdoor yoga:
Biddle never thought she would’ get to walk again when she was diagnosed with a debilitating illness at the age of 13, but all changed after she was introduced to the world of yoga.
Biddle suffers from a disease’ ‘ called Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CDIP), which is similar to multiple sclerosis. Immune systems of CDIP victims get eaten away at the myelin sheath, which is what transmits impulses back and forth from the brain to the muscles ,leaving the patient partially or fully paralyzed.
After years of rehabilitation therapy and with the help of chemotherapy as well as other treatments, Biddle learned to walk again. But the pain still lingered in her body until she discovered yoga on TV. Through yoga, she found the flexibility and strength through yoga to conquer the pain.
‘Yoga has so much power that people don’t see,’ she said. ‘I like to help people and the outdoors has helped me on so many levels.’
Biddle teaches in Boston and said that yoga is not meant to be indoors, and that it has been taught outside for centuries.
‘You are outside with the fresh air, breathing pure oxygen and you get motivated on so many different levels,’ she said. ‘You are breathing in something healthy. That doesn’t happen in a gym where you have toxins, florescent lighting and dirty air filters. ‘
Starting this month, Biddle will’ update her website weekly with outdoor yoga classes, depending on the weather that week.
‘I try to be more understanding with everyone’s financial situation so I am pretty open to donations and different price ranges,’ she said.
To keep up with Biddle’s updates check out her website or call 617-905-7301 for more information.

Running Trails in the City:
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