BostonNU: In keeping with Husky traditions

follow By Lana Lagomarsini, News Staff

go here For freshmen, the idea of learning a new set of traditions after high school can be a bit scary, but it is well worth the effort. The traditions on campus are so ingrained in Northeastern students that it’s difficult to remember back to freshman year, arriving on campus and not knowing all of the ways to keep husky pride alive.’

watch One tradition that is thought to bring Northeastern students and sports teams luck is the rubbing of the nose of the husky statue outside of Blackman Auditorium in Ell Hall.’

follow url ‘Rubbing the husky’s nose is for good luck … I should do it more often to show husky pride,’ said Long Wu, a junior communications ‘ studies major.

الخيارات الثنائية التداول منتدى إشارات فرانكو Students are often seen rubbing the husky’s nose before heading to a test, or even just while passing by, a sure sign of the belief students have in their mascot.

follow site Another tradition any seasoned husky fan can elaborate on is the Doghouse, the Northeastern fan section at Matthews Arena.’

follow site ‘I always try to get up there early ‘- it’s the awesome husky fanbase of Northeastern at hockey games,’ said Samantha Sokup, a middler chemistry major. Students gather in the upper section of Matthews Arena behind the opposing team’s goal to show their school support, and to heckle the opposing goalie. ‘We have become a very intimidating place for people to come play,’ said Rich Perillo, editor of The Diehard Dogs, a magazine following Northeastern athletics. The magazine, although not affiliated with the university, has been in production for six years working to generate more Husky fans. ‘I think the students that don’t check out games are missing out,’ Perillo said.’ Sports, especially hockey, are a great way for a student to feel like part of the Northeastern community while in college, and homecoming can be a big part of the Husky experience. During homecoming, another figure comes into a student’s Northeastern vocabulary: ‘ the Mayor of Huntington Avenue.’ ‘[He] represents all that there is to be at Northeastern. He is the King of Northeastern, the embodiment, the ideology of Northeastern,’ said Jasper Eduard, a middler nursing major.’ The mayor of Huntington Avenue, according to the university’s website, is a liaison between students and alumni, and whose responsibility it is to get students excited for sporting events. Announced on homecoming, the mayor will hold his or her position for a year.’ While the idea of traditions can seem extensive at first, it is important for freshmen to know how instrumental they are at keeping husky pride alive.

سر تجارة الذهب ‘The foundation hasn’t been laid completely,’ Perillo said. ‘Students can continue to come support Northeastern teams. It’s only going to get bigger and better.’

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