Senate seat may await Dukakis الفوركس العربى By Rob Tokanel, News Staff

forex for arab While current law restricts Governor Deval Patrick from appointing a Senator, media reports and political officials have recently identified former Massachusetts Governor and Democratic presidential candidate and current distinguished professor of Political Science at Northeastern University, Michael Dukakis, as one of the most likely candidates for the position if it becomes available. The death of 46-year Senator Edward M. Kennedy left Massachusetts underrepresented in the United States Senate, prompting debates among lawmakers over whether laws should be changed to allow Patrick to appoint an interim Senator until a special election is held in January. see On Aug. 30, the Boston Globe ran an editorial entitled, ‘A Seat Fit For Dukakis,’ and media outlets nationwide have stated his prior experience in Washington and knowledge of Massachusetts politics make him a worthy choice for the governor if laws will actually change to allow for an interim senator. اقل مبلغ يمكن ايداعه والمتاجرة به في سوق الفوركس State Senator and Chairman of the Massachussets State Senate’s Joint Committee on Election Laws Thomas Kennedy said he expects a decision to be made by the committee soon and acknowledged Dukakis was ‘one of the most prominent names mentioned thus far.’ However, Kennedy, who is not related to Edward Kennedy, said many people saw changing the law as a partisan political move; five years ago the system was changed by the Democratically-controlled State Senate, presumably so that if Senator and then-presidential candidate John Kerry won the presidency, then-Governor Mitt Romney would not be able to replace his Senate seat with a Republican. ‘There’s some positives and some negatives,’ Kennedy said. ‘We changed the system five years ago, and some don’t want to change back and forth.’ ثنائي خيارات التداول المال مجانا When reached for comment on his interest in the seat, Dukakis said laws would have to be changed and he assumes the governor would also consult with the Kennedy family before deciding whom he wants to appoint. enter ‘As of now, I expect to be teaching some 65 undergraduates and graduate students here at Northeastern,’ he told The News in an e-mail. Political Science Chair John Portz said he had heard Dukakis’ name mentioned for the seat and felt he was well qualified for the position. الخيارات الثنائية مراجعة الأصدقاء ‘I think it would be certainly a nice step in recognition for his many years of public service to be able to make this kind of contribution,’ he said. ‘Particularly when the key issue in congress is healthcare, which he feels very passionate about and is very knowledgeable about.’ While Portz said it was speculative to start discussing possible candidates for an interim senator, he said he felt the current political climate would make it beneficial to change the law. ‘It is a short term appointment, but there is something to be said for the state having full representation in the senate,’ he said. ‘There are times one could argue it’s more critical than others, especially when the health care debate is reaching a peak.’
Portz said the prospect of losing Dukakis for a semester would force him to find professors to fill in in his absence, and he said he was aware some students might be frustrated at missing an opportunity to learn from the department’s most high-profile professor.
‘We’d lose a good teacher, but he’d be back,’ said Portz. ‘It’s a short term loss in that context, but that light kind of shines on us a little bit as well. It’s a positive overall and for the long term to have somebody of that stature teaching here.’

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