Letter to the Editor: NU financial decisions in 2009 hurt students

فوركس تحويل العملات This past year, Northeastern has had to overcome many financial difficulties because of this tough economic climate. So in order to take account of these losses, Northeastern has had to make drastic changes including raising an already obscene tuition bill, dissolving the College of Criminal Justice (CCJ), cutting the Athletic Training program, and most recently, annihilating the Northeastern football program. Well, well Northeastern, we must undoubtedly be coming on some hard times. Then why did the Northeastern President Joseph Aoun secure a 25 percent raise in 2007-08 when most college presidents in this economic climate are having pay freezes or even pay reductions? Why is it that Northeastern has made renovations to the Matthews Arena with some of the money that was meant to go to the football program? Why is it that Northeastern has just built the huge new International Village dorm with all the trimmings including a new cafeteria, an exclusive International Village gym, and a row of unused giant plasma TVs lining the hallway? If this is what all the saved money is being used for, then a job well done on using short money from shallow pockets to fund unnecessary projects. The worst part of this situation is the university no longer offers what some students came here for. CCJ was renowned in the Criminal Justice community and now current criminal justice majors will not have the same opportunities as previous criminal justice majors. Football players who were red-shirted and do not have play tape and players who only have one year of eligibility left will be essentially screwed. Well I guess there’s only one thing we can say to the university officials:’ Thanks NU, for the big FU.

داو جونز استراتيجية الخيارات الثنائية

الفوركس فى مصر ‘- Conrad Tiedeman is a middler criminal justice major.