Crime Log By Jenna Duncan, News Staff

get link Dec. 14 9 p.m. ‘ A student left a backpack unattended in Stetson East dining hall. When the student returned around noon the next day, it was gone. متى وقت تداول اسهم ام القرى ‘ Dec. 15’ ‘ 8 p.m. An International Village dining hall food service staff stopped a student who was stealing utensils and dishes to bring to her apartment. The student said it was because ‘ she had no dishes and was planning to return them at the end of the semester. The student was referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR). enter site ‘ 11 p.m.’ In International Village, a Resident Assistant (RA) smelled marijuana coming from a room. Officers went up to the floor and followed scent, where they found two female students who had just smoked. They told the officers the person they obtained the substance from, whose name has not been released. They will referred to OSCCR, and the investigation is ongoing. ‘ Dec. 16 3:30 p.m. A student reported his bike had been stolen from a court by Burstein Hall. He had last seen the bike at 6 p.m. the previous day. ‘ 6 p.m.’ A student reported his X-Box controller and some games had been stolen from his suite in West Village B. His other roommates had already moved out for the semester, and he suspected that they might not be returning to Northeastern, and therefore may have taken it. The investigation is ongoing. ‘ Dec. 31 ‘ 6:30 a.m.’ Two students reported they had been at a party in Hyde Park and were walking back to west campus around 5 a.m. and were robbed on Hyde Park Avenue. They had called Boston Police Department (BPD) and reported it, and told NUPD once they returned to campus.’ ‘ ‘ Jan. 3′ 6 p.m.’ A male student was riding on the orange line and as the train approached the Massachusetts Avenue stop, he was robbed of his iPhone by a couple of teenagers and obtained a cut on the thigh, which has been treated. The teenagers continued on the train, and the student went to a friends apartment to call NUPD. While reviewing the tapes from the train, a transit police officer recognized one of the teens from previous arrests since he has an extensive criminal record. He is not affiliated with Northeastern, and will arrested and charged though the phone was not recovered. ‘ ‘

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ثنائي الخيار autotrader 7:30 p.m. A student was walking on Ruggles Street near Leon Street when a man approached him and grabbed him from behind. The man told the student to give up his money, and the student ran to the nearest building to call NUPD. The suspect was not caught. ‘ Jan. 4′ 1 p.m. A student reported he left plastic grocery bag on first floor of Snell Library for half hour around noon. The bag contained a textbook, passport and other papers. When the student returned, he said only his’ passport was missing.’ ‘ 2:30 p.m.’ A graduate student in Egan Research Center reported suspicious man walking around the building and offices. As officers were looking for him, another employee reported he had seen him. The found a laptop missing from an office, and the suspect was not located. ‘ Jan. 5 ‘ 2 p.m. Staff at the Curry Student Center game room reported when they opened the game room, some Wii games were missing from the cupboard they were left in overnight.’ jobba hemifrån flashback Jan. 6′ ‘ 7:30 pm’ A research scientist from Northeastern had reported to the State Police that he had been robbed on the footpath near the tennis court across the street from International Village. The incident happened somewhere around 3 p.m. State police and NUPD are currently investigating, and the credit cards had been used, and have some video from stores where the credit cards had been used.’ ‘ Jan. 7 8 p.m. A staff member in Nightingale Hall reported a wallet stolen during the day from his office. The wallet was in his coat pocket in his office, which had been unlocked and unattended throughout the afternoon. When he went to leave, he couldn’t find his wallet.’ ‘ 9:30 p.m.’ An RA in International Village reported a strong odor of marijuana. Officers followed the scent, and found two students and a student guest that admitted they had just finished smoking. Two of them were freshman that had been at the early orientation, and said they bought it somewhere in downtown Boston. They will be reported to OSCCR. ‘ Jan. 9’ ‘ 4:45 pm’ ‘ As Snell Library was getting ready to close, an officer was assisting in emptying out the building, but one man refused to leave. The man, 34 year-old Kelly Mitchell of Mattapan, was identified and was wanted for larceny by BPD in Brighton. He was told not to come back to Northeastern. ‘ ‘ Jan. 10’ ‘ 12:30 a.m.’ A student returned from holiday vacation to discover her jewelry box was empty from her International Village room. There was no sign of forced entry, and NUPD are currently investigating with resident life staff and facilities staff. ‘ Jan. 11 ‘ 11 a.m.’ A proctor in West Village E reported an intoxicated man trying to sneak in. When officers responded, the proctor said the male tailgated another resident inside. Police found him and identified the 23-year-old male as a student that lived there and was still intoxicated. He will be reported to OSCCR. ‘ 10:30 p.m.’ NUPD responded to complaints of a noisy party at 331 Huntington Ave. A 23 year-old student and resident of the appartment opened the door to NUPD.’ She had eight guests — all 18- and 19-year-old males — each holding a beer. The female admitted that she had purchased the beer. All will be referred to OSCCR, and she’ll be summoned to court for giving alcohol to minors. ‘ Jan. 12’ ‘ 3 p.m. A graduate student reported his backpack stolen from the third floor of Snell Library. He left it unattended for 30 minutes, and when he returned it was gone. It contained no valuables. ‘ 3:30 p.m. ‘ A student reported that someone stole his laptop from the architecture studio in Ruggles. The student had left it there for 10 minutes at 3 p.m., and when he returned it was missing.’ ‘ 6:30 p.m.’ A student left Stetson West at 5 p.m. heading to Speare Hall and got halfway and realized they didn’t have their wallet and thought they had dropped it. They could not find it, but someone had returned it to the Residency Office in Speare Hall. Sixty dollars in cash was missing. ‘ 9 p.m. ‘ A student that lives in West Village A reported that the previous night around 11:50 p.m. she had parked car on Parker Street near Wentworth Institute of Technology tennis courts. As she was walking back to her residence hall, man came by and grabbed purse and ran off into a waiting car. Her purse had 120 dollars in cash and credit cards. NUPD, BPD and Wentworth police are investigating. ‘ Jan. 13’ ‘ 12 p.m. The manager at Wollastons in Marino Center reported a’ shoplifter. It was an 18-year-old student stealing Old Spice Liquid Body Wash, valued at 7 dollars. He’ll be referred to OSCCR. The manager is not pressing charges, but the student is banned from Wollastons forever.’ ‘ شراء اسهم يمن موبايل 3 p.m. A student left their wallet unattended Monday afternoon in a room on the fourth floor of Ryder Hall. They discovered Tuesday the wallet was missing. The wallet was found in the student center lost and found, missing 50 to 60 dollars of cash. The student had already cancelled the credit cards inside the wallet.

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