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ثنائية مكافأة الخيار دون إيداع Recently, there’s been a topic of debate in my apartment:’ Is Megan Fox hot? My male friends and even my roommates’ boyfriends openly gawk over her recent Cosmopolitan cover staring up at us from the coffee table. We girls say the only reason men are drawn to her is because she lays it all out on the line. (I mean the headline to her left reads: BAD GIRL SEX!) She’s a girl you know you can take home, and not to meet Mom. Her clothes are tight, her mouth is always partially open, and one eyebrow is always seductively raised. The conversation never lasts more than a few minutes, but it lingers on my mind for the next few days. source url It’s not that I am jealous of Megan Fox (okay maybe I am, just a little though), the point of the matter is that there are two types of women out there ‘- women who impress other women, and women who impress men. Now, I don’t mean homosexual and heterosexual. There are just girls who think about boys when they get dressed, and ones who don’t. شريط الاسهم السعودية مباشرة I happen to be in the latter category. I wear shapeless tunics, giant bug-eyed sunglasses and rompers (I doubt any of the boys reading this even know what a romper is). My aim is to impress my most fashionable friends. I am inspired by the way many other women look, and want them to admire my style in return. It’s not to say men aren’t ever attracted to woman like me. We’re just not the ones they flock to. Other women walk around in body-bearing tank tops, tight skinny jeans and sky-high heels. They show a lot of skin and they get a lot of male attention. My fellow category-two girls might call these girls ‘slutty dressers,’ but that’s not it at all. It’s not about trendy versus slutty, (because honestly I believe every woman should embody a little bit of both). It’s about confidence and audience. enter Working in retail, I find many middle-aged women telling me they love a certain dress, but they know their husband ‘just wouldn’t get it.’ They are usually talking about something less form fitting, asymmetrical or covered in a funky print. But when the husbands are along for the ride, they seem much more apt to give the thumbs up to the low cut, slim-fitting black dress than anything else. And who could blame them? Men aren’t looking for fashion advice or makeup tips from these women. دورات فوركس It fascinates me, really, to see which girls I notice and think to myself ‘I wish I looked like her,’ and which ones I see men sprinting after for a better look. Of course the reasons behind that difference is obvious:’ I’m not looking to take any of these women back to bed, I just want to raid their closet and copy their workout routine. But until those two types of girls look a little more alike, I guess the debate continues. Thanks a lot, Megan Fox.


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