Crime Log

by Bobby Mullen, News Correspondent

Tuesday, Feb. 23
3 p.m.
A student reported he left his laptop and backpack in the Stetson West Eatery on Feb. 19 for several hours. When he went back that night, he recovered his backpack which had been found by staff, but his laptop was missing.

7 p.m.
A Residence Assistant (RA) caught a student smoking marijuana in his room in Davenport A and confiscated his pipe. The student will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR).

Wednesday, Feb. 24
3 p.m.
A student left a laptop unattended in the library along with her wallet and keys. Fortunately, library staff found and took custody of her possessions, which were returned.

9:15 p.m.
A student reported she left her purse in the lobby of the Cabral Center while she was attending an event and when she returned 15 minutes later the purse was gone.

Thursday, Feb. 25
11 p.m.
An RA detected an odor of marijuana from the fourth floor of White Hall. Officers responded to help the RA who found two male residents and two guests who had all been smoking using a vaporizer. The vaporizer and a small amount of marijuana were confiscated. All four will be reported to OSCCR.

2 p.m.
A student reported the theft of her wallet from the student center. It contained $10, credit cards and IDs.

Friday, Feb. 26
9 p.m.
An officer following up on an investigation on the first floor of Stetson West entered a room to interview its occupant about a prior incident. The officer found the 18-year-old student with six bottles of hard liquor and 28 beers. The student will be reported to OSCCR.

Saturday, Feb. 27
A woman having lunch in the Marino Center atrium reported she had left her purse hanging on her chair and when she finished lunch, her camera was missing.

5 p.m.
A student reported that he had left his backpack, laptop, cell phone and wallet in the men’s locker room at the Marino Center and returned to find them missing. His clothes remained in the locker and there was no sign of forced entry.

Monday, March 1
2 p.m.
An RA completing announced room inspections found a bong, a pipe and a small bag of marijuana in a room in Willis Hall occupied by four male students. On March 8, an officer questioned the four students and two of them admitted it was theirs. Officers asked if the students had anything else, and one of the students turned over a small bag of marijuana he said he had bought earlier that day. They will both be reported to OSCCR.

2:30 p.m.
An RA in West Village B came across a marijuana pipe in a room occupied by four females. The residents that occupy that apartment have not returned to campus and will be questioned when they do.
Thursday, March 4
9:30 p.m.
A student reported he had locked his bicycle outside Snell Library Feb. 28 and returned to find the gears missing off the bike.

Friday, March 5
11 p.m.
A custodian in Dodge Hall reported juveniles using a computer in a classroom. An officer found the students, who reported they were doing homework. One of the students told the officer that he was probably wanted by the police and didn’t do his assigned community service. Officers arrested Kyshawn Hill, 18, of Boston, who was wanted for failure to complete community service following his assault and battery charges in Dorchester. The other man with him was escorted off the campus.

Saturday, March 6
12:30 a.m.
An anonymous caller reported two men fighting near Symphony Hall. The two people – one student and one non-student – were detained. They had met at a party on Westland Avenue earlier that evening, and the non-student had been asked to leave the party by the student which led to the altercation. Neither were injured or seeked to press charges.

9 p.m.
During the men’s hockey game against Boston University (BU), a BU fan ran around the balcony after a late BU goal. A couple of Northeastern fans chased him, which led to a verbal altercation. The two students were ejected for the remainder of the game.

9:30 p.m.
An RA detected the odor of marijuana in Smith Hall. She knocked on the door to find a resident and visitor who admitted they had been smoking marijuana. The student had a small amount of marijuana confiscated. Also found in the room were nitrous oxide containers, which were also confiscated. He will be reported to OSCCR.

10 p.m.
A student left his iPhone on a table on the second floor of the Curry Student Center (CSC) for about 10 minutes. When he returned he saw a group of junior-high aged children holding his phone. When he asked for it back, the kids ran.

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