Editorial: SGA debate loses interest

In the Student Government Association (SGA) presidential debate in the West Edition of the Curry Student Center Tuesday night, candidates Ryan Fox and Amanda Sabia talked about positive changes – sometimes drastic ones – they can make for the student body if elected. The trouble was, only about 25 of more than 15,000 students attended. It’s not that students weren’t around: During the civil debate between the current president of SGA and the vice president of academic affairs, there were people buying dinner from Taco Bell, talking loudly, and ignoring one of the few chances students have to know what the candidates are supporting before the April 1 election.

If members of SGA want the debates to be taken seriously, they have to organize events in a way that won’t be distracting to the attendees.

The candidates took similar stances on most issues, but differed on the controversial subject of Right To Life week at Northeastern. Sabia thought that the pro-life events that took place last week were justified, whereas Fox disagreed that the other side of the debate had an equal say on the matter. This had potential for being an engaging debate, but with only 25 attendees, there wasn’t a large enough audience to further question candidates about important issues they had not elaborated upon.

A second debate will be held Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the Freshman Quad outside Stetson East. Stop by and see what the differences between the candidates are.

Once SGA looks around at the lack of interest from Northeastern students, they can make a change to improve their debates and group. But, if they continue to hold lackluster events like this, they will continue to be viewed as irrelevant to student life.

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