International Women’s Day inspires organization

by Liz Cohen, News Correspondent

Pathfinder International, a non-profit group, created a series of videos to raise awareness for the lack of modern contraceptives and hosted it on Every time a video gets shared, $1 is raised. The group gave the site a one week challenge: reach 200,000 video shares.

By Monday, International Women’s Day and the final day of the week-long challenge, the goal was not met.
The time-frame will not being extended to meet the goal of 200,000 video shares.

“It is not that easy but if people see the power of providing protection it would make a huge difference,” said Northeastern sophomore communication studies major Amina Temkin. “It could help poverty, improve the environment, improve the economy and prevent unwanted pregnancies.”

The videos feature five women in under-privileged countries sharing their story.

“In my sociology course I learned that around the world people don’t have the same knowledge and the same resources and stuff that we have and I think it is a great thing to give that knowledge to people because there are great epidemics for things like aids,” said Kurstin Provencher, a sophomore sociology major.

Pathfinder International raised $14,000 was raised during the original March 1 to March 8 deadline but the company thinks that more time and promotion via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and blogs will show the impact people can make for such no cost to them.

“You need knowledge to make choices. If you don’t have knowledge you don’t have the ability to make the right choices. Any ability to get the right knowledge I’m all for it,” said Valerie Hardt, 22-year-old first year graduate student studying college student development and counseling.

Also, Olympic-gold medalist Hannah Kearney and other media and non-profits are promoting the cause, according to a Pathfinder International’s press release.

“I think personally it is a fantastic thing,” said Hardt. “Hearing about it I will probably post it on my website and my fan page just because I think that is one of those things that really makes sense,” said Hardt.

Pathfinder International is a non-profit organization that works all over the world the helps promote some sort of education, said Temkin.

For more information, visit Pathfinder International also invites you to join the ongoing discussion about Girl2Woman and Pathfinder’s work on Facebook.

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