Last Week’s Winner… Having to do a walk of shame is embarrassing, having to do it the day after Halloween is even worse. Walking back the day after Halloween I still had my costume on, Mrs. Krueger. The costume consisted of a dress sweater that was incredibly short and had slits all through the stomach, a bowler hat, and 3 inch heels. I figured it would be a quick walk home and I would be safe, especially since walking in those heels with my hangover was not fun at all. But no, of course there had to be a giant tour walking towards me. I not only had to encounter the tour but also had to stop and talk to them when a mom of one of the visiting girls asked me where I purchased my shoes from. I had to write down the style of the shoes, who made them, website where to find them, and then directions on how to purchase through the website. I’m sure tons of parents were thrilled about their students attending Northeastern after that encounter. Sincerely, Mrs. Krueger