Letter: SGA advocate speaks out

As many of you are aware from last week’s Huntington News article, I unfortunately will not be running for Student Government Association (SGA) president. The senate has decided that they will not suspend any more rules or make any “exceptions,” despite the extenuating circumstances.

You see, I have been a vocal critic in SGA in order to make sure that people are transparent about what they are doing and held accountable for their actions. I asked the tough questions and demanded answers, and as a result have been disowned by Senate. For instance, I demanded that the time logs for the Executive Board be made available to Senate members on a weekly basis, as it dictated in the SGA Constitution, so that the student body would know what SGA leaders were doing.

After weeks of bringing it up, an amendment was made to the Constitution and passed by Senate that required the E-board to submit monthly reports rather than weekly time logs. And yet, after that amendment passed, that this simple task hasn’t been followed; current President Ryan Fox is missing August, September and October and Vice President of Academic Affairs Amanda Sabia only has November and December up. I thought they just said that no more “exceptions” would be made?

Already, the two candidates have made it clear that they don’t plan on following even the simplest of rules, but rather only when it is convenient for them. Situations like these happen all the time and have made me realize that SGA has turned into a dirty game of politics. However, this game needs to stop, and the only way that is going to happen is by sending a strong message to Fox, Sabia and SGA by saying that Northeastern students are fed up with candidates like Fox and Sabia, who only care about your opinion when it is election season, who only follow the rules when they are in their favor and who continuously say they represent you when they can’t even get the minimum number of student to vote. Now is the time to stand up and truly make you voice heard. Now is the time to “Take Action” and “Get Results” by “Thinking Differently.” Now is the time to say that “SGA Doesn’t Represent Me” and vote no confidence.

– Jordan Clark is a junior political science major.

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