Boomerangs: Special Edition offers designer names for a steal By Hannah Martin, News Staff

الخشب الأحمر الخيارات الثنائية حساب تجريبي For second-hand junkies who would rather not sift through racks upon racks of closet clean-out, Boomerangs: Special Edition is just the spot to uncover the perfect treasure (with a no-digging guarantee). go The new location, which opened in February, has a distinctly different feel from its thriftier predecessors in Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury. No giant denim jumpers. No worn-in flannel. No crushed velvet leggings. In fact, the cozy spot tucked just past Foodie’s on Washington Street blends into the chic South End landscape like every other charming, high-end boutique. The only difference: these designer clothes have adorable hand stamped price tags that are surprisingly low, most items ranging in price between $20 to $50. الخيارات الثنائية إشارات برهان capak The concept for this location:  To provide a niche for some of the nicer, more high-end garment donations, injecting them into a location where there is a corresponding market. As a fundraising branch of the AIDS Action Committee (AAC), all Boomerangs proceeds go toward a variety of philanthropic programs. Last year, the Boomerangs stores raised 15 percent of the agency’s revenue. There is debatably no better location for their high-end merchandise in Boston – the South End certainly has no shortage in support for clothes with a cause. استراتيجية التداول حركة السعر الخيارات الثنائية With a relaxed aesthetic of exposed brick and vintage-inspired furniture, the store’s interior is adorned with neatly arranged displays – folded sweaters from Banana Republic and J. Crew; hanging racks of designer denim and crisp men’s button downs. There’s a gauzy floral Diane Von Furstenberg top for $35. Skinny Diesel jeans for $30. A Ralph Lauren blazer still wearing its original $215 price tag is re-priced at $50. Without a tiny toe scuff a pair of black and white patent Marc by Marc Jacobs peep-toe heels would be seriously swoon-worthy. The selection is well-edited and hardly feels second hand, though the handbag and jewelry selections were somewhat sparse.

follow The expertly-curated designer brand selection at Special Edition is a far cry from the stuffed, less-filtered racks of the older locations. But one can’t help but feel that a touch of vital character was lost in the editing process. For those who love Boomerangs for its vintage wares and quirky cool finds – Special Edition may be a let down. Obviously catering to South End constituents, the label is ultimately what matters here, and for a classically effortless, designer chic look at a steal, the store fits the bill. But for a funkier, and arguably more interesting find, that takes a little more scrounging around, the more eccentric might prefer to T out to the old locale. But at least now, the choice is yours:  Do you or don’t you relish the hunt? Boomerangs: Special Edition is located at 1407 Washington St., Boston. 617-457-0996. Tuesday-Sunday 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.

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