Love and Things Like It: Breaking News– Girls Like Sex

By Janine Stafford, News Correspondent

Attention gentlemen:  Women like – no – we love sex. We think about it. We talk about it. And we enjoy it shamelessly. And why shouldn’t we?

Men always seem so surprised by the slightest mention of the act when they aren’t the ones initiating the conversation. As if when they aren’t around the topic never crosses our minds. When I offhandedly mentioned to a male friend of mine that my recent “girls night” turned into an in-depth chat about our sex lives and porn preferences, his jaw hit the floor. He was blown away by the idea that a sleepover with the girls consisted of more than pillow fights and bake-offs.

While they’re always the ones convicted of “locker room talk,” we ladies are just as guilty. After a good weekend, a few dates or even a crazy night, we congregate and dish. We meet in the living room, at the dining hall, or even in line at Starbucks (no modesty here) and spill the details. While we may edit ourselves a little, as I imagine men do, we are not as private as it may be assumed– we talk positions, techniques, likes, dislikes. We give advice and ask questions. Many of us with little embarrassment.

But for some reason, society not only acknowledges, but accepts that men are just the “more sexual” beings. They’re the ones who initiate hook-ups and make the moves; the ones who avidly watch porn and masturbate. I hate to break it to you guys, but you’re not alone, and there’s no reason it should be taboo for women to behave the same way.

On a recent visit to Good Vibrations, a sex toy store in Coolidge Corner, I took notice of the number of women I saw.  There were even two female employees. Now this is more of an upscale sex boutique than your average creepy porn shop, and it was relatively busy for a midday visit – one couple was looking at porn together, two women in their mid-30s were looking at lube and there we were a bunch of 20-somethings looking at vibrators.
Although we were giggly at first, a little timid with each other watching, after the initial embarrassment wore off, we started comparing features and prices of the toys like we would any purchase.  It seemed like a completely normal, run of the mill shopping experience, and honestly, it should.

Sex is an essential part of life and, let’s be honest, we’d love it to be part of our everyday. The women’s toy selection was huge and that certainly wouldn’t be the case if we were all too shy or innocent to be buying. We all left the shop that day with a little special something, and I’m sure it’s all been put to use since.

And shouldn’t men think that’s sexy? Shouldn’t they be happy their woman is excited about sex too?

As a woman, I think it’s empowering to be in control of your sexuality, and it certainly can’t hurt in the bedroom. Nobody wants to have sex with somebody who’s not into it. That’s just no fun. Men shouldn’t be intimidated by our curiosity about the deed, but encourage it. It will keep your sex life from getting boring – and in your 20s, it should never be. So gentlemen, toss your preconceived notions out the window, and get used to the fact that we like to get down and dirty just as much as the next guy.

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