Player of the Week: Teddy Vrountas

Player of the Week: Teddy Vrountas
Teddy Vrountas

By: Anthony Gulizia, News Staff

Sophomore Teddy Vrountas of the men’s track & field team took first place in the 5,000 meter with a time of 15:02.76 at the Solomon Invitational hosted at Northeastern’s Solomon Track in Dedham Saturday. Even the rainy weather couldn’t stop Vrountas from crushing the field with the second closest runner finishing a distant 17 seconds behind him. His efforts earned him Huntington News Player of the Week honors.

“It wasn’t the best conditions to run in and it was more about the effort,” Vrountas said. “I stayed with the pack for two miles and I broke away on that last mile.”

Throughout the race, Vrountas used the help of his teammates to keep up with the other 12 competitors.

“Some of our guys were just running the first two miles, and I was the only one that planned on finishing,” Vrountas said. “They took me through the first two miles and then I made my move.”

The 10k is Vrountas’ forte during the cross country season, however he said he enjoys the 5k and said he applies the same principles when running both races.

“The 5k is shorter, but it’s the same idea, you need to get out well and find that rhythm,” Vrountas said. “Once you lose contact with the group, it’s hard to run fast by yourself. And when you find your rhythm, you get into that competitive zone.”

Vrountas said once you find that zone, you have to stay awake and you can’t get too comfortable.

“You need to be able to respond when somebody makes a move on you, and that becomes automatic the more you run,” he said.

The Sandwich native is majors in psychology and said he plans to take his running career as far as he can, expressing an interest in marathons.

“I want to find a job that pays well, but gives me plenty of time to train. I really want to keep running after college, especially in marathons,” he said.

While working as a camp counselor at many different New England camps, Vrountas has had experience with children and wants to test the waters of education.

“I have a job as a teacher’s aid at the Lawrence School, and my mom Marilyn is a teacher as well,” he said. “I’m also interested in sports psychology, so I’m really going to explore my options.”

Off the track, Vrountas said he enjoys spending time in Boston, as well as playing the piano.

“I really like walking or biking around the city, anything that keeps me active,” Vrountas said. “I have fun messing around with the piano too sometimes, I have one in my room and I like to play here and there.”

Vrountas said he chose Northeastern because he has always loved the city.

“My dad Henry grew up around Boston so we would always come and visit when I was a kid,” Vrountas said. “There’s always something to do, and I love the hustle and bustle. I like running through the city with the team too, the people are always changing, like the drummers in the Commons or the break dancers in Quincy Market.”

Vrountas said he was also attracted to Northeastern’s unique co-op program, as well as the track coaching staff.

“Coach Renny [Waldron] was new, and my class was his first. He wanted to build a good program, and he’s really doing a great job,” Vrountas said.

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