Quick facts about SGA candidates

Quick facts about SGA candidates

Students can vote on myNEU for Student Government Association president through April 7. The News broke down the candidates’ campaigns and what it means to vote “no confidence.”

Ryan Fox
– Says he has built working relationships with administration; believes in working closely with administrators
– Stresses consistency in university policy as one of the largest issues he wants to tackle
– Wants to help students understand Student Government Association (SGA) and how it works to attract more members
– Believes in use of social media like Facebook and Twitter to reach students
– Advocates for a student member on Northeastern’s Board of Trustees
– Wants Northeastern to run on “your schedule” by enhancing online options and extending office hours
– In addition to large goals, wants to tackle small projects students say they want, like signs in the tunnel system

Amanda Sabia
– Believes in advocating student interests strongly to administration
– Feels most important policy change is within OSCCR, and thinks it needs more student control
– Wants SGA to engage students
– Believes in one-on-one interaction when reaching out to students
– Believes a student should sit on the Board of Trustees, though role should be determined by what students want
– Wants to hold forums with administration each semester as check-ins
– Since football was cut and there is no need for a football stadium, believes students need to know where Recreation Fee money is going

No Confidence
– Means the voter has no confidence in either candidate
– Article 4.4 in the SGA bylaws states: “If any elections results in a plurality of “no confidence” votes, the position will be declared vacant and nominations for the position will reopen. A special election will be duly convened, at which nominations will close and voting will occur”
– If students vote more than 50 percent no confidence, the election will be decided by SGA senate. Both candidates will still be able to run in addition to other senators and non-senators

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