Style on the Street: NYC Edition

As part of an occasional series by the News, we confronted people with fashionable taste in clothes and asked them about their style. In this special edition, news correspondent Ruthanne Tarantino stopped Huskies on co-op in New York City.

Jaclyn Fletcher, middler, accounting

Co-op: Gelfand, Rennert and Feldman

What kind of company is Gelfrand, Renner and Reldman? It’s an accounting firm that audits record labels.

What are you wearing? Boots –, Jeans – Gap, Shirt – American Eagle, Necklace – Target

Is this a typical outfit that you wear?

Yes, I love v-necks and boots. It’s what I’m always wearing.

Is this what you usually wear to work?

No, I dress up for work. I wear nice pants and a sweater or a button-up shirt.

Do you feel like being in New York City for co-op has changed your style at all?

Not really. I changed a lot when I moved to Boston because I’m from California so I wasn’t used to wearing all the winter clothes, but not since being here in New York.

Do you have any fashion inspiration or style icon?

I don’t have a celebrity that I particularly watch but I like to watch people on the street and see what I like and what works and what doesn’t.

Is there anything about Boston’s style that you miss at all?

No, I’m just used to Uggs and [North Face jackets] that you don’t see much here. It’s also getting warmer.

Is there anything you want to say to students at Northeastern about co-op in New York City? It’s a lot of fun. Live in the New Yorker because it’s really cool and you’re in the middle of everything.

Jaime Therriault, sophomore, journalism & communication studies

Co-op: Working at Lee Angel

What kind of company is Lee Angel? Lee Angel is a jewelry company. We market our jewelry to everywhere from places like American Eagle to Banana Republic. We also do private label things. I handle their press.

What are you wearing? Necklace – Lee Angel, Black knit top – Banana Republic, Jean shorts – American Eagle, tights – H&M, Boots – Charlotte Russe

Do you feel like your style has changed going from Boston to New York? I think that I am much more aware of [my style] than I was before I came to New York. Being on the streets in Manhattan and even here in Brooklyn Heights where we live you see people are always dressed up and in a way that expresses themselves. When you’re in the city in Boston or where I’m from in New Hampshire, a lot people are just kicking around in sweatpants and sweatshirts. So, it’s easier not to care about what you wear. When you’re here, it’s almost like you have the opportunity to dress up for yourself. I think it’s just something I became more aware of being here.

Do you have any fashion icons or fashion inspiration?

I really like…Rachel Zoe as a stylist. I’m really into pretty much everything that she picks out for her clients. She’s into a lot of big jewelry as well, like big cocktail rings, emblem necklaces, pendants, drop earrings, and those are things I love and would love to design myself some day. I really like her style. I also really like Kate Moss’ style. She has a little bit of an edge and her line at TopShop is a great deal.

Your co-op is fashion-related. Has that inspired you at all?

It definitely has. It’s given me a lot of motivation and taught me how it can be possible to someday start my own jewelry line, because it’s something I’ve been interested in. It’s just great to co-op in a place that has a lot of opportunities because I’m not only learning how the jewelry business is run but I’m also learning how magazines work with us and how newspapers work with us and how we plan events. It’s just a really great place to be for this kind of work.

Stephanie Piacenza, middler, graphic design & photography

Co-op: Brides Magazine in the photo department

What are you wearing? Shoes – somewhere in Chinatown in Boston, Jeans – Forever21, Shirt – J. Crew, Jacket – H&M, bag – Goodwill

Is this what you wear everyday?

This is what I normally wear at work, because everyone at Brides and in the entire building wears black blazers. I saw a lot of people wearing them, and I was like “I want one of those.”

Has being in New York changed your style besides that?

No, I used to wear blazers a lot, anyways actually, but I feel like more people in New York dress like I’ve always dressed. It’s not like it’s changed me, but it’s like I fit in more.

Do you think you’ll bring any style from New York back to Boston?

I don’t know, probably not.

Any memorable outfits that you’ve seen on the streets?

People do dress a lot crazier here. I’ve seen some wild outfits– cross dressers.

Is there anything that you miss about style Boston? Maybe something that you can get away with but you can’t here?

No. I don’t like when people wear sweatpants. I hate Uggs. No more Uggs.

Is there anything you wish Boston would adapt about their style?

Just that you can dress however you want; you don’t have to dress exactly the same.

Do you have any fashion inspiration or fashion icons?

I love Kate Moss. When I was younger I used to try to dress exactly like her, but I don’t do that anymore because it’s weird.

Do you feel like your co-op has influenced your style at all?

I work in a fashion building so I feel like– It’s hard for me to get dressed in the morning and really try but I feel like I really have to. My roommate is a fashion intern too, so we make an effort to look good because I work with fashionable people who wear really expensive clothes that I can’t afford. You should see these people. It’s ridiculous. They will wear like six-inch heels and just walk around. I can’t do that. Not at work.

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