BostoNU: Know your neighbors: A guide to Boston-area colleges

click here By Lana Lagomarsini
News Staff
go to site Northeastern University Emerson College is a hybrid of a libral arts school and a music school in the Theatre District. The school was founded in 1880 and has majors in everything from broadcast journalism to acting and has the perfect backdrop of the Theatre District for preforming arts students to perfect their craft. The college has about 3,500 undergrad students and is located directly across from the Boston Common.شركات-تداول-الاسهم-المصرية New England Conservatory, the music school located on Huntington Avenue and shares the same block as Northeastern. The school only has 750 enrolled students and is a historical landmark. NEC students can almost always been seen carrying some sort of musical instrument case either to or from Jordan Hall, the main performance area of the school.  Jordan Hall is usually seen by Northeastern students on their walk from the center of campus to Matthews Arena.

follow url Wentworth Institute of Technology is located on Huntington Avenue, a few blocks away from Northeastern. Look for the leopard statue as you stroll toward Mission Hill. Wentworth is a technical design and engineering college and offers 15 majors in the fields of construction and engineering. The school has about 3,500 undergraduate students, making it about a fifth of the size of Northeastern.

go to site Boston University is the Huskies’ biggest rival in basketball, volleyball, and, most importantly, hockey. The  school is located on Commonwealth Avenue, a short T ride away from NU. The school was established in 1839 and is known as a research university, spending over $300 million in research studies in the year of 2008-2009 academic year, according to the school’s annual report. The school has campuses worldwide in places such as London and a dental school in Dubai.
افضل مواقع سوق بورصة الذهب البيع والشراء في الاسهم Wheelock College is another college located in the maze that is the Back Bay Fens, and is just as small as NEC, with 750 undergraduates.  The college was founded in 1939 with the motto: “Improve the lives of children and families.” The school is best for students who want to be social workers and teachers and the student body is mostly comprised of women.
الخيار ثنائي استراتيجية صفر خطر

بيع اسهم المدينه Simmons College is a women’s only college located somewhere across the Back Bay Fens. The college was founded in 1899 and has around 2,000 undergraduates. The school has colleges in management and social work as well as library sciences as well as a graduate school for social work.
إشارات الخيارات الثنائية شرعي Berklee College of Music students can be found playing music, smoking cigarettes, or just loitering outside the school’s entrance on Massachusetts avenue across from Spike’s Junkyard Dogs.  The school is known for producing John Mayer and more recently Passion Pit.  Prospective students at Berklee have to jump though hoops to be admitted to the prestigious school, including auditions and interviews to be considered to attend.

MassArt, the follow link Massachusetts College of Art and Design, is located next to Wentworth and Northeastern and a block away from Brigham Circle. The college, established in 1873, is the only publicly-funded art school in the United States and the first college in the US to offer an art degree. The school is small, about 1,800 students, and only has about six buildings. The artsy folks at this school are not inclined toward athletics — but the college has a co-ed basketball team that competes with other art schools in Boston and the New York City area.

go site Emmanuel College is a small college located right next to Simmons in the Fenway.  Emmanuel was founded in 1919 as a Roman Catholic school for women. According to the school’s website, in 2004 Emmanuel became the only school in the country with a pharmaceutical lab on its campus, after signing an agreement with Merck Pharmaceuticals.  In 2001, Emmanuel opened its doors to the male population by becoming co-ed, but the school is still majorly female, following the lead of the other schools nearby (cough, Wheelock and Simmons).

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