Sean Connolly

Sean Connolly
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Sean Connolly, editorial editor

مصدر الرابط Sean Connolly is currently serving his first semester as editorial section editor for the Huntington News. He’s in his sophomore year at Northeastern, majoring in English.

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انظر المشاركة Sean is from Long Island, New York. During his later years in high school, he fell in love with the written word. His love started with fiction, but as with all true love, it expanded as he understood more and more of the complexity of text. Pacing, tone, characterization, thematic power, narrative consistency…. these are the words that quicken his pulse.

تجد هنا Sean believes journalism can be a powerful tool for truth and clarity. Thinking critically over facts and statistics can cut through empty rhetoric and outright lies. He also believes personal narratives to be an important part of understanding the truth behind any given issue. Most facts- those worth reporting about, at least- involve the lives of real people. Listening to these people with a critical but compassionate ear can be necessary to truly understanding complex problems in our world.

انظر الى هذا Favorite publication: Al Jazeera