A Step Away from a Thousand Years of Darkness: Letter to the Closeted Conservative

A Step Away from a Thousand Years of Darkness: Letter to the Closeted Conservative

By Noah Tagliaferri, political columnist

In an e-mail following the election, President Joseph E. Aoun told our university that we are an “inclusive and mutually respectful” community, one that values all opinions, backgrounds and values. You know that isn’t entirely true—because you are a conservative.

With all the liberal professors on campus, at a ratio of roughly 28-to-1 according to a recent article in the Boston Magazine, you feel as if espousing a conservative view in your class would be academic suicide. The professor who just finished making a joke about how Republicans should drop their class may treat you differently—and perhaps unfairly, especially in a class where grading is a bit more subjective. While your friends lovingly talk about liberal policy and dismiss conservatives as near-evil, you say nothing, knowing full well that if you bring up a simple fact such as “college is never free,” you may be ostracized, or worse, shamed.

You find creating jobs more important than becoming infuriated about cultural costumes, or you find it painful that saying “Blue Lives Matter” somehow associates you with racism. You realize other people may find that insensitive. What you find to be truly insensitive, though, is that while kids in our  own country go hungry, while the job market flounders and families are slaughtered for their beliefs all over the world, somehow the things we really need to worry about are whether we say “Merry Christmas” and making sure to put trigger warnings before our PowerPoints.

As conservatives, this is what we can offer you. From now on, I will be writing a biweekly column on current events, with fellow conservative students filling in the gap weeks, talking about topics from immigration to health care reform and national security. Additionally, if you are tired of feeling like you can never reveal your true opinions, if you are tired of seeing what liberal policies are doing to cities like Detroit, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark and Oakland, where the number of citizens on food stamps skyrockets, crime cripples families and regulations hurt any sort of entrepreneurial spirit, stop by our meetings. The Northeastern University College Republicans convene in West Village G Room 106 on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. There, you will find a room packed full of students who care little for what gender, race or sexual orientation you are but who care about creating a country that works for all its citizens.

The Northeastern University College Republicans are something truly unique on this campus and campuses around the country. We create a place where dissenting thought is encouraged and tolerance does not stop when you say something that I disagree with or offends me.

So come on down and join the best party on campus. While the liberals try to limit free speech to those who agree with them, let’s rebuild our country.

Noah Tagliaferri is external vice president of the Northeastern University College Republicans.

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