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Column: Think before you move off campus

Column: Think before you move off campus

Boston students are moving into neighborhoods that aren’t necessarily meant for them.

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Event Calendar: Oct. 8 – 14

Event Calendar: Oct. 8 – 14

Event of the Week: Thursday, Oct. 8

From Tony Award-nominated director Leigh Silverman and Emmy-nominated choreographer Sonya Tayeh comes “An Audience with Meow Meow.” The musical stars Meow Meow, the stage persona of real-life cabaret star Melissa Madden Gray who calls audience members to the stage as she stumbles through planned wrong entrances, wardrobe malfunctions and other technical difficulties. Gray boasts show credits from around the globe and has collaborated with the likes of David Bowie. Meow Meow will premiere her talents at Emerson College’s Cutler Majestic Theatre and will be playing until Oct. 24. 219 Tremont St.; 8 p.m.; $10 – $65.

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Boys of Summer to make year’s first appearance

Boys of Summer to make year’s first appearance

Major League Baseball’s opening day will pit the Sox against the Phillies on Monday, a week before famous Fenway Park will host its first game of the season on April 13.

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News Staff Photo/Maxim Tamarov

Blazing Paddles: pingpong on Lansdowne

It’s Tuesday night, and a group of Northeastern seniors are gathered at Blazing Paddles. The group is playing pingpong and downing beers in celebration of the birthday of Betsy Chen, a finance and art history major.

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Editorial: On-campus housing is not Boston’s silver bullet

In the coming weeks, Boston’s new mayor Martin J. Walsh, who took over the helm at City Hall Monday from Boston’s long-time patriarch Thomas M. Menino, is sure to present plenty of ideas to address the city’s most pressing problems. How the Walsh administration addresses Boston’s overburdened housing stock could have a very direct effect on Boston college students.

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Arts and entertainment

Photo Courtesy/Creative Commons/6SN7

Event Calendar: Oct. 10-16

Street music gets a whole new meaning at the HONK! music festival. More than 50 street bands from around the world will congregate in neighborhoods throughout Boston, performing diverse and dynamic numbers for the whole community. But this isn’t just any street festival. The musicians use everything from trombones to bike horns to their own bodies to create a completely original sound. Many groups also come bearing an activist message, using their music as a form of protest or to spread awareness for a variety of causes. The festival blurs the line between performers and audience, creating a united atmosphere that is inspiring, entertaining and above all, fun.

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Joyce Foster, activist for the Fenway community, dies at 84

Joyce Foster, activist for the Fenway community, dies at 84

A vigorous activist for her neighborhood, resident Joyce Foster made a name for herself in the Northeastern University community by fighting vehemently for the wellbeing of the Fenway.

Foster, 84, died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on Aug. 10 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

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At Task Force meeting, residents call for more integration

As work on the university’s most recent Institutional Master Plan (IMP) winds down, local residents, city officials and Northeastern administrators focused on a new business initiative and outreach in Roxbury at the two-hour-long Community Task Force Meeting on Tuesday.

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SLIDESHOW: The Red Sox Return to Fenway Park

Photo from the first Red Sox game after the Marathon Bombing.

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Editorial: IMP needs active student involvement

A Community Task Force made up of residents of surrounding neighborhoods – the Fenway, Mission Hill, Roxbury and the South End – is currently reviewing the notification form and will advise on it. The administration drafted the notification form, the community is reviewing it and the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) will have the final word. But there is one key group missing from this equation: students.

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