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Event Calendar: Oct. 5-11
File photo by Laura Pond

Event Calendar: Oct. 5-11

لديهم نظرة خاطفة على هؤلاء الرجال These are the can’t miss events this week.

مقالة - سلعة
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Student Government Association offices are located on the third floor of Curry Student Center. / Photo by Lauren Scornavacca
Student Government Association (SGA), the office of which is located in Curry Student Center, extends voting for the Direct Election to Monday. / Photo by Lauren Scornavacca

Student government extends elections, invalidates first 1,500 votes Voting for SGA Direct Elections was extended to Monday after 1,500 students’ votes were reset due to a ballot misprint of a referendum question about giving local neighborhoods decision-making power in university affairs.
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Letters to the Editor, Opinion

Op-ed: Vote yes on HEAT referenda
One of two referenda proposed by Husky Environmental Action Team would ban the purchase of single-use plastic water bottles on campus. Photo courtesy Thad Zajdowicz, Creative Commons

Op-ed: Vote yes on HEAT referenda Northeastern has been called “America’s Greenest University,” yet we’re not seeing that on campus.

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Letters to the Editor, Opinion

Op-ed: Construction of pipelines will be disastrous The members of the Husky Environmental Action Team (HEAT) believe these pipelines will lead to absolutely catastrophic environmental and ethical consequences.

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Film festival forecasts hope for marine science

Film festival forecasts hope for marine science Northeastern University’s Marine Biology Club hosted a screening of several documentaries about ocean conservation issues on Thursday, March 31, as part of a Beneath the Waves film festival on campus.

الخيارات الثنائية مراجعة البرامج ملكة
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Letters to the Editor, Opinion

Letter: NU needs to divest to be consistent with principles

هذا المشنور Today, Northeastern University makes investments in the fossil-fuel industry that threaten the stability of our future and directly undermine our mission as an institution.
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Students hope to improve composting at campus café

مواصلة قراءة هذا At a large school like Northeastern where dining halls accommodate thousands of students each day, composting is an integral part of the effort to promote sustainability. At Rebecca’s Café, however, some members of Northeastern’s environmental club said, composting has stopped because students are unable to properly differentiate the materials and place them in proper bins.

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